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World of Blade

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18 September 1980
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Wonderful Icons from Caryn's Corner and I also use some icons from wav. All other icons will say who made them in "comments".

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Stargate Men Layout made by irony_rocks.
Bollywood Layout made by ubiquitous_girl.
Taj Mahal Layout by street_of_mercy with alterations and banner by ed_84
Castle Layout by street_of_mercy with alterations and banner by ed_84
Inception Layout by Kuribati for the layout, with alterations by ed_84

List of My Fanfiction
mission101_2009: My 101 List

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I am a fandome geek, and love to read and write fanfic. My posts are very random, and usually mean nothing. My biggest ship is Weir/Sheppard (Sparky!), but I tend to have several secondary ships that I enjoy as well.

My Couples (List ever growing)

Sparky sig made by torri012

SRK & Kajol sig made by Strictly Shah Rukh

Jodhaa Akbar sig made by ed_84

Dhoom 2 sig made by Hiral

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Spock/Uhura Sig made by ellie_kat89

John Connor/Kate Brewster (Connor) are my new love!

I will always be a Ginny/Draco shipper! Don't care what "really" happened. ;D Wonderful banner made by littlebit_liz

Banner made by absinthe_fey

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